Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lottery Winning Successful Strategies

Using real lottery winning successful strategies is really the main key to actually winning the lottery. For you to have more leverage at winning lotto games such as Monday Lotto, New York Lotto, Florida Lotto, Florida Powerball, Mega Millions Texas Lotto, UK Lotto, OZ Lotto, National Lottery, Ohio Lottery, Pa Lottery and so on, you must understand how to play lotto smarter, by using proven lottery winning strategies. This is the major reason most lottery players can never win lottery cash prizes, even the smaller winnings. I'm not talking about hitting the biggest lottery jackpot prize, but hitting the smaller to medium lottery cash prizes more consistently! There are only a few very simple lottery tactics to use and you will without doubt experience success doing so.

Increase the number of tickets you play per lottery draw. This a very simple tip will increase your win rates, but you must not increase the number of lottery games you play at the same time, stick to one lotto game at a time. Now you must play those numbers more cleverly using proven lottery tactics or strategies. This means you will be using a winning lottery system and quit thinking about using quick picks or choosing your lotto numbers through numerology, astrology, birth-dates, or using number generators. When I say to use a winning lotto system, I mean only the systems that have been absolutely totally tested and proven in real world use that gives winning lottery results. To avoid the very common and incompetent lottery systems that promise big wins, but deliver nothing, you should never buy a system if it sells through places that affiliates can sell it. This is a huge mistake many people regret doing. All lotto systems sold through marketing type selling places are made up and sold by mostly misleading marketers. You know these lotto systems, the ones with phony scenarios like developed by a math professor, or a math genius, or someone who found a secret or loop-hole to win the lottery. These are B.S type systems and will always claim to give you big win rates as high as 76% - 100% which is simply not real, they do not win the lottery!

Top Ranked Winning Lottery Systems

 See the real top winning lottery systems, real people, real lottery winners voted as best system that gave them lottery winning results!

Many serious lottery players use a system called the Lotto Guy Lottery System, it's a real legit University developed and proven system calculated by real techs using real data pattern analysis which does give real results! It has done wonders for about 75% of the lottery players who use it and stick with it. This excellent system even won best lottery system by poll vote over many other systems (solid substantial proof). It's highly recommended for all pick 5 pick 6 and pick lottery games world-wide.

If you are more into using a very quick and easy lotto system, you will want to use a wheeling system called Smart Play Lotto Wheels. The polls do not lie, this system rated as second best winning lottery system. It's a very easy to use system that works great for all lotto players who want a low-cost to high win ratio wheeling system, great for first time lottery players. Works great for all pick 5 and pick 6 lottery games worldwide, also has very good reviews to back it up. Of course, there are a few others systems that work not to bad, but these two are the very best in the market and should be your first and hopefully your last choice.

Follow these tips and you will most definitely see your lottery game win rates EXPLODE! If you use the juvenile silly lotto systems that sound way to good to be true, you will most likely see your win rates go down. It's simple, use a system that has a good reputation or a name of significance and the lottery winning strategies these types of system give usually pay off well.