Saturday, August 2, 2014

Smart Play Lotto Wheels Review

We did a solid review on the Smart Play Lotto Wheels System and found out it works very well indeed. There are not many Smart Play Lotto Wheels Reviews out as this system is only a few years old, but has already shown many users the great winning potential this wheeling system can give. Wheeling systems can come in a variety of formats, the worst format is in a software format. The better format for wheeling systems or any lottery system for that matter is in a none software design, which allow you to have control and see what is going on properly.

Just to clarify for all again, the Smart Play Lotto Wheels System is not in software format and is extremely easy to use even if you are a total newbie to using wheeling systems. You can find many free type wheeling systems to use and these are just fine, but remember they are free for a good reason, winning with them is much harder than a well designed proven system by real lottery experts. Now the Smart Play System actually falls into a whole category by itself, as this excellent system also incorporates special win rate boosting strategies that are simply smart and do actually make a big difference in your winning potential. Of course you can use these wheels just by themselves, or along with the special strategies they recommend to apply. We tested out the wheels with and without using the special strategies, here is our findings.

Using the Smart Play Lotto Wheels System for 4 months playing two lottery draws each week and for the first two months just used the wheels by themselves. Using the system in this manner showed much better success at winning than using your basic random numbers, as when you hit a winning number combination you usually win more than just once, so all good stuff. Now in the next two months we applied the special strategies recommended to use along with Smart Play Lotto Wheels. What we seen was a good start with wins hitting much more frequently, which can only be due to the special strategies, as will allow your win rates to steadily improve draw after draw, just as long as you play consistently. If you stop playing, then re-start, your win rates start from a basic level, then again seem to pick up more and more speed as you play more lottery draws. We do highly recommend to apply the special strategies, it only takes a little more time, but very much worth the effort. Remember this is gambling, only the best strategies/systems will produce real results!

We did expect the system to work good as it did get great reviews from others, as well as being voted as second best winning lottery system in the world, shown by poll votes for voting on lottery systems that worked for real system users. All said and done we do agree this Smart Play Lotto Wheels System is a good smart winning system and can highly recommend it to all. Good systems are very hard to come by, get one that works well and stick with it, that is your lottery winning key! 

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